Scouse Bird Blogs has had scouse birds shouting *OH MY GOD THATS SOOO ME* for years now. Her tweets were bible pslams for school girls like me needing reminding how fab they where on break after being call slug brows for an hour by that lad at the back of your science class (honest to god, no photo of my eyebrows circa 2013 exists on social media). So when I was invited to the scouse bird blogs shop I was beyond excited to see the woman behind the tweets.

Her new shop has just opened in the Rent-a-space on Dunnings-Bridge Road facing Switch Island and safe to say it’s absolutely stunning. You know when you see the Ikea show rooms and wanna pick it up and just drop it in your house? Well it’s a mixture of that and every ‘rose gold homewear’ board on Pintrest. Just see the location tag on insta (scouse bird shop) to see just how instagramable it is, you won’t regret it.
Steph was so kind to give us goody bags full of the shops products as well as keep us topped up on prosecco and scouse bird cupcakes. The products in her shop are incredible and so true to her brand as a scouse bird. The shop will keep you stocked up on lashes by Doll Beauty, EXCLUSIVE Tarte pallets from the US and of course bath bombs. Here’s some of the stuff from the goody bag that is availble to purchase in store:
Scouse Bird Problems gratitude journal: let’s face it, when that student loan hits I was so gonna get one of these as my close friends and family tell me I’m rather negative (the glass is half empty now fuck off) so this will help me be more grateful and positive; ta very much!
Scouse Bird Problems notebook: this notebook is sassy as shit. Pink, cheetah print and the self love mantra that’s even endorsed by Beyoncé; I slay, every day.
Real flower lip balm: these have been taking the Instagram/YouTube world by storm. They are such a cute novelty to have as well as being the most impressive lip balm I’ve ever seen (step your game up, Vaseline)
 ‘Swerve robbin me pen’ pen: I already have one of these so I’m made up to have another in a different colour. They are so bougie especially with the scouse caption on the side.
 Unicorn Christmas cookie car air freshner:
 ‘My kitchen my rules’ mug: they had loads of cute mugs available at the shop including angel wing mugs, emoji mugs and this one with a rolling pin handle. I haven’t seen anything like these on the high street so if you’re a mug whore like me it’s so worth checking these out.
There are so many fab things in the shop so please be sure to head down! They also have a selfie wall where, if you take a selfie and upload it to social media, you’ll get 10% off of your purchase, how fab is that?

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