I wear pride around my neck
a silk Burberry noose
that gives me pride in my eyes
that I am above
an empty fridge
a broken boiler
I wear pride

I wear pride
until pride wore me
overdressed and exposed
I mean I wear pride when I admire the beauty of women
but pride wears me when
it reaches out the seems of my shirt
pushing away an attraction to them
I wear pride across my cheeks
neon face paint
Gay Pride was Coachella for preteens
so why now that I’m out
has it became a mafia
how can I watch Rupaul shouting
but not make eye contact with that girl
like if I stare too long
I’ll turn to stone
I wear pride on my feet
six inch red soles
I’m drunk rapping 99 problems
then she walks into my life
and kissed me to shut me up like they do in the films
except I didn’t speak
she said I know what you are
I know what you are
her lips burning me at a stake
my crime a split sexuality disorder
call me a witch
I’ve felt this guilt since I was six
do you wear pride when you say to me
that,s hot
that’s for attention
that’s not real
I don’t have a problem with girls liking girls
hey why don’t we have a threesome because you’re obviously into that
but what does your boyfriend have to say about that
well nothing I guess because you’re straight now
you wear pride when you fantasise about sex with girls
but does pride wear you
when you yearn to be loved by one
does it wear you when you hate yourself
for the forbidden compatibility
to the girl in your English class
does it wear you when you hate yourself
for wanting to take a girl on a date
when you were eleven
so much that you’d imagine you where male
just to make your story plausible
because girl on girl is wrong
unless a man is between the sheets
do you wear pride when you erase it
breaking up with your girlfriend for coming out
do you wear pride when coming out to your mother
for the third time this year
being bi is wearing pride in a world with dementia
so pride
Should I cut my grass to see you coming
or should you shed your skin
and I’ll wear you like a crown.

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