‘Do you have a favourite family heirloom?’
‘My Memories’ -Anna Wintour

When Gaudi Created his Cathedral benches
he designed the wood to turn out
to encourage reflection
So when we constructed branches we climbed and bent
to embrace us
and decorated trunks with press stud bottle tops
that too was a form of worship
In the city nature had closing hours
its like those who came before us
didn’t believe the lie
and crafted the hole in the fence
our gateway
to the swamp and train tracks
where we spent our dysfunctional childhood
And when the night came
and his voice trembled out that word over and over
yours yours yours
I had to screenshot this moment
and tack pin it to my notice board
To never let his dull and common eyes
be demoted
in my list of priorities
So when his traits touch me now
I know memory won’t ignite them again
like a broken barrel of a lighter
yet full of fuel




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