Finding the right hairdresser is just as important as finding your soul mate. Growing up, my mum subjected my to an arranged marriage with Toni&Guy where I spent the first 10 years of my life with a razor sharp bob. So escaping this marriage in my adolescence left me unaware of mine or my hairs worth. I spent years between box dyes and highlights from that woman who is your mum’s mate’s mate who did hairdressing at some point and owns a few bottles of peroxide? You know the one. And the time I went to salons I was usually greeted by snotty apprentices who would say OH MY GAWD R YE SURE YE WANNA GO DAT SHURT I WUDUNT IFIWERU but proceed to give me urine yellow highlights (cough, cough Boudoir Broadway cough). So when I decided my hair was something I had to invest in, that’s when I found the hairdresser for me: Ro at Voodou Button Street.

I started getting my hair done by Ro last September after seeing that Voodou offer 50% off for new clients and after a thorough consultation I decided Artistic Director, Ro, was the hairdresser for me.
He managed to take my very damaged and neglected hair and has gave me a silverly razor sharp flapper bob followed by an undercut followed by a fringe followed by bitchy blonde with bright pink balayage; you could throw anything at the hairdressers of Voodou (especially Ro) and they can do it without flinching; Sassoon who?
Voodou use all Redken products and the products Ro used on me where Redken colour shampoo and conditioner to keep the colour lasting long and prevents fading. To style he used One United with 25 great benefits, Pillow Proof and Outshine. These products all protecting my hair from damage and preserving colour as well as nourishing my hair and giving it that silky smooth finish like that girl on the advert has CGI-ed.
Voodou have some incredibly offers that need to be taken full advantage of such as 50% OFF NEW CLIENTS!, half price colour on Thursday and Sunday and 20% off for students with double discount on Mondays to name a few. They are award winning hair salons and barber shops and I don’t think there is anything they can’t do. All the staff there have so much personality yet the salon isn’t intimidating as some salons may be. Ro offers incredible advice on what hairstyles would suit you and what your hair can allow depending on damage, texture and what not. You could literally rock up to Button Street with a colour scheme and he would whip up something super trendy and unique.
I’d like to thank Voodou and Ro especially for giving me the most gorgeous hair for just over a year now and I hope some of my readers pay him or Voodou a visit soon.

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