Doing things on the cheap is a field I have expertise in. I’m the Joanne the Scammer of the blogger world complete with my fur coat. Sometimes, however, you can’t always fake it. Here is a list I’ve compiled of things you should be willing to spend a bit more on, and things you can go cheap on in there for good measure.

Of course, this list may exclude the sentimental. You’re still allowed to get a Korn shell friendship bracelet without worrying whether it will be effective in the long term, fuck it, get that IBIZA 2018 tattoo for all I care. This is just my advice from a minimalist perspective and what works for me.



Tattoos are expensive for a reason. They stay on your body FOREVER. So why on earth would you do this on the cheap? That guy in the new tattoo parlour next to the offy, I’m sure his books are great and insta pics too…but what is that wonky ass tattoo gonna look like in a few years? You’re at a high risk of tattoo blowout and infection. ALWAYS go to a reputable tattoo artist with a tonne of experience and ALWAYS take your artists advice. I couldn’t recommend Forever True Tattoo enough. Me and my Boyfriend have both been tattooed their and have always given us the best advice, plus their price point is great. Good and serious tattoos are always gonna be expensive, it’s a given, but its also an investment.



I’d walk around like this all day if I could tbh


A shitty bra is worse than no bra. If you wanna #freethenipple then you do you girl but if you wanna wear a bra then step the hell away from Primark and other cheap retailers. These bras lack support and pretty much are cheap tat that loses their shape as soon as you wash them, making you buy more (clever marketing). Victoria Secret ones are being involved in this bra bash too. I’ve tried them. They’re shite. My rules of thumb are 1. ALWAYS get measured for your bras. John Lewis is generally good for this with bra specialist knowing sizes generally by eye. 2. The more components of a bra, the better. Fact. 3. Try bras on and put your top on over it. That way you can see how it looks under clothes and makes sure you not getting that awful double boob. If you want to minimise/accentuate your boobs, seeing how they look in a top will be the judge of that. INVEST IN YA CHEST



I live that soy and rice milk candle life through and through. Cheap candles contain paraffin wax which is toxic both for you and the planet. Expensive candles burn with less soot often none at all, last so much longer and actually work. You can buy Soy branded candles at TK Maxx but Jo Malone with their expensive ass candles is still in business for a reason. Because they are boss candles.



I take footsteps like an elephant and go the shoe cobblers more than I go to the ASDA. My shoes go through some shit. However, there are shoes in my wardrobe that have lasted me years and years and are still going strong. Dr Martens leather shoes are INCREDIBLE and in my opinion, so worth the price tag as they genuinely last forever, if not get better with age. If you’re gonna buy something luxury, buy a pair of shoes. Gucci for example, have their shoes hand-crafted by cobblers in Italy, with various components making the shoes. They are much stronger and will last much longer than cheap mass produced high street tat.



I’m not a jewellery person what so ever but the jewellery I own is all precious metals. These look best and serve their purpose in my opinion. What’s the point in buying a tonne of different pieces of jewellery that within a year, you’d have to completely replace? Me personally, I’d rather spend more on good pieces that look good and are more cost-effective in the long run.


Now that we’ve spent all our money let’s see where we can afford to be tight. No, not even afford, these are things we should be tight on. When you can buy the EXACT SAME THING for half the price…



Branded clothes and branded food; I’m a whore for both. However, that new Aldi advert though annoying is incredibly true. The food you can get anywhere else is literally half the price in Aldi. I’m such a branded-food-whore but for things like rice, fruit and veg etc it’s amazing.



#matesrates where you can


Some people smoke and drink too much, I get taxis and go out for food too much. That’s my vice. But some restaurants charge way more than they should really. Avoid chain restaurants and find independents where possible. The Italian Club on bold street and Mowgli are incredible and well-priced eateries. Plus when it’s independents, I don’t mind spending a little more.



(This jacket was a tenner in a vintage shop and I’ve had it since 14 hence the cringy pic)


I’m not a huge fan of fast fashion and if I had the money I’d be stomping around like Anna Dello Russo all day every day. But being brought up by a dressmaker, I know what goes into the making of clothes and what gives them value. Online boutiques are often cheaply made sold at cheap prices – understandable and reasonable – but when Topshop have the same quality for triple the price? NO. For cheap clothes vintage is often a safe bet and I’m not talking pop boutique. I’m talking charity shops and genuine vintage traders.



There are 38432 tutorials on Youtube titled ‘full face of drugstore makeup’. Need I say more? between Maybelline concealer and Makeup Revolution highlighter drops, you really don’t have to spend so much to look good.

So there’s my list of things that I think you or shouldn’t invest in. Whether you’re splashing out or holding your fist tight make sure you’re choosing your battles wisely.






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