You promised this year it would be different. New Year Day came and you were hungover, then that Australian flu came and you, of course, caught it. You told yourself you’d wait till next week to really get into it, like maybe when you go back to work or school/uni. Now it’s fucking February and you’ve actually gained weight instead of losing it. Sound familiar? Well, fear no more. Here is my work out advice for girls (and guys) who are as lazy as I am.


If your wardrobe was a Venn Diagram, active wear and clothes that you paint the back room in are NOT in the same box. How are you meant to feel good about yourself when you’re wearing a pair of leggings two sizes too small and a washed-out stretched T-shirt? Now that athleisure is all the rage, cute workout clothes have never been more accessible. You have to be the Elle Woods of the work out world to be the Elle Woods of the real world, and who doesn’t wanna be Elle Woods? Because I do.

I’ve seen people go as far as showering before working out rather than after. I would say this only works for a light home workout especially some yoga. That way you can go into your workout feeling good and leave it ready to go about your day. I’ll usually do something like this on a lazy day in; shower, light yoga, and get some work done.


Whether it’s Nas or … You do you. I vary between lots of different music depending on my mood but consider working a podcast into your routine. Free podcasts are available on iPhones as an app and Spotify have them too so they are super accessible. Nothing motivates me like getting advice on my future goals from a podcast whilst working out. One of my favourites right now has to be The Mustards podcast for minimalistic goodness.


At least not now anyway. You haven’t worked out in 6 months so if you think post-Christmas you can do that 60-minute full body intense ab cardio fury latte workout video you found on youtube then it’s unlikely. Trust me. I’ve been there and done that and the disappointment I feel after doing 5 sit-ups is demotivation on a scale that not even the over-enthusiastic fitness blogger can pull me back from. I’ll try again in 2 months?

Instead, tailor make a workout routine that works for you. My workout varies every day but usually, it’s a blend of lots of stretching and yoga, weightlifting and callisthenics (the fancy way of saying sit ups, push ups, squats etc). I started off doing two sets of twenty and added another on to each set everytime I worked out. This worked for me as I adjusted myself to working out again but still every time I worked out I pushed a little further. Also, this was SUPER easy to manage as an everyday workout routine knowing I could work my way through it without the guilt of not pushing myself to the extreme every time.


This is a gimmick I know you’ll all be desperate enough to try. Body brushes can help with getting rid of dead skin cells and dryness but most importantly CELLULITE BITCHES. I use mine when I get out the shower or bath and brush upwards from my legs to my shoulders and neck. My skin does feel softer and I guess it helps with circulation (at least it’s marketed too) but anything that’s going to tackle my cellulite without doing any real work, I’m going to trick myself into believing the hype. I’ll link one here.


At the end of the day, a workout is for your mind as much as it’s for your body; if it’s all about ‘just getting through the next twenty minutes’ then how are you gonna get through the rest of any workout you do? If you’re not feeling good then something has to give. After that, it’s all about determination, persistence and motivating yourself. I’ll leave you with my Pinterest ‘workout motivation’ board for good measure.



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